Install Google Earth on AMD64 via chroot

Some people are able to install Google Earth on AMD64. I was unable to. Here is a method to install it in a 32 bit chroot:

  1. Step 1:Follow the instructions at: to install a 32 bit chroot.
  2. Step 2:Download Google Earth from
  3. Step 3: Move downloaded file, GoogleEarthLinux.bin to /chroot/home/user/ where "user" = your user name.
  4. Step 4:Open terminal and cd to /chroot/home/user/
  5. Step 5:enter dchroot
  6. Step 6:enter chmod +x GoogleEarthLinux.bin
  7. Step 7:enter ./GoogleEarthLinux.bin
  8. Step 8: Follow the prompts to complete the installation.


perhaps you need to open

perhaps you need to

open terminal
cd to /chroot/home/user/
chmod +x GoogleEarthLinux.bin

Good point

Yknott has the correct way to do this. I think it worked for me the other way because I used Konqueror to navigate to the directory then used the "context menu/actions/open terminal here" method to get a terminal. I didn't have to dchroot, chmod, or include the ./ in front of the filename for it to work.

When I get around to making a chroot here in my Edgy, I'll test my method versus yours. Until then, I update my little guide to reflect your input... thank you.