install lockup

I have two networked dual booted computers & am trying to install Ubuntu 6.06 on both. Installation went well on the first set but failed on the second. The install proceeds past the point of checking hardware and loading files and gives me an options screen for installation but after that the screen goes black and the curser stops blinking. The Ubuntu startup music plays but thats as far as I can get. Is there something I can do to get past this pointThanks in advance to any kind helper.The computer setup is dual boot with windows xp & suse 10.0, there is a spare linux partition on the hdd for install (both computers setup the same). spec. for failed computer m/board=Albatron k8sli 64 bit, video= two Albatron pc6800 bridged, hdd= western digital 200 gig sata (wd2000js), cpu=amd Athlon xp 64 3500+, ram=2Gb hynix ddr400, mouse=logitechoptical wheelmouse & screen=chemei 19' wide tft. I have tried different monitors (crt & tft) also tried changing screen resolution at the options screen during installation with no sucess.

i have the same problem :(

i have the same problem :(

The exact same symptoms

The exact same symptoms apply to me as well Dual booting windows and linuxAMD FX-53Asus sk8v mobo2 RAID *(0) hard drives on the primary hard drive, as well as an auxillary hdd.

Installation problem

I get this error message while trying to install Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Drapper Drake version:kernel panic - not synching : Fatal exception in interrupt.I already have Windows XP installed in my system. Initially I had Red Hat Linux along with Windows, but later on I uninstalled Red Hat and formatted the Linux partitions. Can anyone help me out? My system configuration is P4-1.5 GHz, 512 RAM, 845 motherboard. Thanks in advance.