Installation Of Ubuntu from live cd

Friends,I have been facing problems since last month to get this Ubuntu live Cd installed on my Pc.The live CD boots, takes time but when the intall icon is clicked the next interface is displayed. This continues upto stage 5 of 6. The moment the three options of partitions are displayed, selecting any one, I had tried all options numerous times, just hangs the pc, nothing happens!As the way I had put up the question you will understand that I am new to linux, in Fact after installing I will get the feel of linux for the first time. I had requested for the cd in Ship it they had done that thankfully. But I am helpless now.I had xp when I started the installtaion, I thought may be it is obstructing the installation, so I swtched to win 98 now. I will paste the details below for you to check it.Microsoft Windows 98 4.10.2222 A Upgrade using Full CD /SrcDir=G:\WIN98 /IQ /U:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxIE 5 6.0.2800.1106Uptime: 0:03:48:54Normal modeOn "A" as "a"AuthenticAMD AMD Duron(tm) processor 224MB RAM58% system resources freeWindows-managed swap file on drive C (3648MB free)Available space on drive C: 3648MB of 4994MB (FAT32)Available space on drive D: 4296MB of 4994MB (FAT32)Available space on drive E: 2026MB of 4994MB (FAT32)Available space on drive F: 1473MB of 4438MB (FAT32)I had one partition for linux That is D:Now someone please help me out installing ubuntu to this drive. I wonder if I can copy all the file from the cd to D: and then like in windows install Ubuntu through dos like interface or anything like that!Will someone comeout with some real useful tips?Ashfaq.

had a similar problem.

I had a similar problem on a Toshiba laptop I had once.  Usually if you download the "alternate" version of Ubuntu (which is just a text, non graphical install) it works just fine in cases like you have.  Its not as user friendly, but if you have any problems installing using the "text mode", I'll try to help.