Installation problem on Kubuntu 6.10 x64 DVD

Hi, I tried installing Kubuntu 6.10 x64 DVD, it freezes after loading kernel, no error messages or anything. It's probably in the udev phase since I had a similar problem when trying to install SUSE 10.2 x64 (freezing when running udev), which was kind of fixed with the no-acpi option, but the resulting installation was very unstable. The problem seems to be x64 specific, because a 32bit system installs fine (it's running Mepis 6 at the moment, so it's Ubutnu base). The machine is relatively new, an Athlon x2 4000+ with the K9Neo-F mobo (integrated nVidia video and sound), no extra cards or anything, plenty of memory (2GB) and a SATA II hard drive. I can't find anything about it in the forums, but it seems to me that 64bit intallation is more problematic than 32bit one. Cheers and thanks for any advice.