Installation problem with 7.10

 I have an 4400+ AMD X2 Dual Core, Asus GT 8500 HDT, 2GB RAM etc. Downloaded proper installation disc but when I choose "Install Ubuntu" screen goes dead like in standby mode. Last thing I see is "Kernell is alive" before it dies and I have to manualu reboot. With 5.10 had another problem (X server failed to start) which I couldn't fix either. Btw. checksum is OK. Haven't tried alternate CD, if somebody doesn't have any idea eventualy will have to. Shame, was looking forward to it.

Sounds like a video card issue

What kind of video card do you have?If we get it to install the OS, we should go for installing Envy:

I have almost this exact

I have almost this exact same system config and problem. Good news is- when it boots, WAIT! it will, eventually, start the login screen, at least in vanilla ubuntu. I found this problem and site while googling around so i thought id throw my experience in. I am still researching how to solve the problem but if i have any luck i will let you know.

fyi, my spec is:

amd 4400+ X2, bfg 8800gts, 2gb ram - are you also on a socket 939 nforce 4 motherboard?

I have the exact problem with 7.10

I have the exact problem installing 7.10 on my system.  My system is an AMD 64 3200, ATI Radeon X700 PCI Express, 1GB memory and am installing on a clean 200GB WD HD.  I am assuming that the error is with the video compatibility and haev tried many different video modes, (VGA to 1280X1024,16) but can not get past the "Kernal is alive" message before the screen goes blank and my monitor shows "no-sync"  No matter how long I wait nothing happens.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.......