Installing Kubuntu 6.06 Dapper on Acer Travelmate 2420

I just joined the Ubuntux community and this is my first message. So, "hi!" to everybody.   I just bought my new laptop which is -as you see- Acer Travelmate 2420. For people who are thinking of a bargain price, it has a very good value of USD 600. It has built-in wi-fi capability with 1.9 GHz Intel Centrino. Mine has the ipw2200 wireless chipset, some of the notebooks in this series has Atheros chipset.   Regarding the notebook, it has pre-installed Linux options, but I couldn't find one in my country [Turkiye]. Accepting the EULA does not matter, since it is preinstalled, you have to pay the price [ridiculous but it is a "take it or leave it" situation]. Knowing that I paid the price and the hard disk will be "fdisk"ed in a couple of minutes, I accepted the EULA and written the four recovery cd's. Note that Acer does not give the recovery cd's but you make them when you boot. I put the cd's in my case thinking that in the future I may need them somehow [when selling my notebook].      I first tried installing Gentoo 2006.1 but it has stopped installation with the error code 28. I couldn't manage to overcome this problem, so I went on with trying 2006.0. I had installation problems with this release also. When I was searching the net, I ran into a post in this address:, in which muadib99 reported that he had successfully installed (X)ubuntu 6.06 with success, so I wanted to give it a shot.     I didn't want to install a Debian-based distro, since I had some problems with my former notebook [Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100] with Sarge. But, I just wanted to keep my notebook up and running, so I installed Kubuntu 6.06.     Installation was a breeze and in ten minutes or so I had an up and running system. Network connections were acquired correctly, wireless chipset was recognized and the sound card was perfectly working.    So, I went on with security updates. Kubuntu chose the nearest mirror automatically and began downloading the updates. It finished and whilst installing the updates [completed 80% or so], the laptop's battery totally drained. This had left me with a completely unbootable system. Mental note: when you are installing/updating the system, keep your notebook plugged.   Regarding the updates, check your power management settings and disable hibernation settings which Kubuntu automatically makes. In the hibernation mode -as it's expected- the system shuts down the hard disks, monitor and the network connections and the update ceases. During the update, my suggestion is to disable hibernation mode.   Tonight, I will re-install my system and hopefully will come back with more to tell.