Installing modules from CDROM

I an a 'newbie' to Linux, and am trying to install a soundcard in my thinkpad 770 (yes, from 1999). I know the type of sound pprocessor (CS423x) and have instructions for installing this in a linux machine written by other users. The sound worked on SuSE9.2, card was detected by installer and only needed a few tweaks to play from cdrom or files.

On Ubuntu, no such luck - tried both version 4.1[Warty] and latest[Breezy]. Both say I have not got a soundcard installed. I have enabled my Universe & Multiverse bits, updated all files and still no joy. I would like to install Amarok - as this was the only program I got to work with SuSE9.2 [ no sound at all with Fedora, RedHat or Mandriva Linux].

I have noticed that both the Universe and Multiverse source paths point to http:/ locations - but I do not have access to the web on the laptop [I said it was old ...] but I can download files etc. at work and burn them onto a cd. Should I change these paths to point to the dev/cdrom ? What is the correct 'wording' to do this if I have to ? Do I use somethimg like 'dev/cdrom0/files'[just guessing here] or what ?

Has anyone got any ideas where I should start ? I have some knowlege from DOS days - how to navigate round directories etc. I also downloaded a command ref for terminal - helped a lot.

Will I need to get source files and compile ? If so, any 'quick guides' on process steps ?

What I am hoping to do is grab the Amarok binary files off the web and just put them into the correct directories(?)/folders(?)/whatever you call disk locations in Linux, and reboot, then run 'find soundcard, filll in the options and all is well. Any hope for this ?

OK, a bit further ... a bit

OK, a bit further ... a bit more information. I can copy files from CD as a root user (sudo cp .. command) addressing the cdrom as - /media/cdrom0/.
Is this the way to go ? Should I edit the 'universe' location to reflect the physical location of my cdrom ?
Comments please.