Installing the VMware tools into Ubuntu 5.04

Ubuntu (based on Debian) is not exactly plug’n’play for the installation of the VMware tools, so here are some tips to help the newbie.

1. You will get the choice of RPM or a TAR file. Extract the TAR file to your desktop (use the GUI or type tar zxf vmwa*)

2. Start the installation by typing sudo ./ and enter your user password (there is no root user in Ubuntu, so you simply sudo and use the password for your own user)

3. You will need to install gcc, if it wasn’t installed by default. How do you get it? sudo apt-get gcc. Where is it installed? To do that, we use the slocate tool, but we must first update it to reflect the changes we just did. Type sudo updatedb. Then, type slocate gcc. In my case, it was located at /usr/bin/gcc

4. You’ll also need the source files for your kernel. For that, we need to know which version of Ubuntu you’re running, by typing uname -r. Then, we use the result of that and append it to the command sudo apt-get linux-headers-

5. Another round of sudo updatedb, and slocate kernel.h. The VMware install is pretty good at letting you know if the path you’re giving it is wrong. In my case, it took two attempts to get it right, and the right choice ended up being /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.10–5–386/include

6. The installer asks you to choose a screen resolution (I kept the 800×600 default) and finished the installation routine. Reboot, you should be done!

Thanks to the author Jean-François Arseneault for this article.

sudo apt-get gcc

I'm a complete nube when it comes to Linux/Ubuntu and I had some difficulty following the above.  The main issue I had was the command "sudo apt-get <package>".  The only way I could get it to work was to use "sudo apt-get install <package>".

sudo apt-get install

sudo apt-get install build-essential would also work ;)

error re-installing vmware-tools

I am running ubuntu 2.6.15-23-server in a virtual machine (ESX-Server 2.5.3 build 24171).

I first installed the vmware-tools how it is explained and it works fine. The only problem was, that i could not change the network driver from vlance to vmxnet.
So i tried to change in the esx-setting to vmxnet-network-driver and reinstalled the vmware-tools.
The script started und uninstalled the vmware-tools but did not install the vmware-tools because i wrote the wrong path (i did not read nr. 5 above).
now when i try to install vmware-tools ( i got these errors:
A previous installation of VMware software has been detected.
The previous installation was made by the old installer (version 1).
Keeping the old installer database format.
Uninstalling the old installation of VMware software.
sh:./installer/ No such file or directory

Execution aborted.

error re-installing vmware-tools

The same problem on vmserver. I interrupted the installation and now I can't uninstall or reinstall the vmware-tools on my virtual kubuntu-client.

Error after broken installation

delete /etc/vmware-tools/locations, then it should work, it is a bug in the perl script provided by Vmware. Tested on Ubuntu 6.06.1 ServerRazvan

I installed one of the latest

I installed one of the latest VM Ware tools and it worked fine for me.But only one issue is there whenever i am trying to change the network path i am getting strange kind of error i have done google search but did not find anything related to that.Apart from that the tutorial provided by you is working fine