Interesting problem getting into graphical mode

I'm using Kubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake) and have been having no problems.Recently adept was letting me know there were upgrades avialable so I let it go ahead with it.  I noticed two didn't update, both relating to the AMD K6 version of the kernel (I can get which ones if this will help).  After it finished I just closed adept and figured I'd look into it later.  I'm running a dual boot (win 2k on another partition of the same drive) and didn't think about it.  I went back in the other day and tried to login.Here's the scenario I'm at now. The KDE login screen appears.  I login. The screen goes black (didn't used to I don't think), I see an icon similar to what I've seen on a Mac as the busy icon (it's kind of like a watch face with wristband/tabs at the top and bottom), then it comes back to the login screen, now with my password gone.  I've tried a default session, kde session and failsafe session, all with the same results.  If I tell it to go to a shell, I can login with out issue,  I muddled my way through using Vi to change my menu.lst for grub to make Windows my default, but I'm at a loss as to how to even begin troubleshooting this issue.  I could probably just reinstall, but I'd like to actually learn how to fix this.I would describe my level of experience as "I can be trusted with a water pistol." I work for a web hosting company and have a BS in CS, so I'm not scared of the command line or tinkering, but I don't know the file structure or commands that well.  I can follow written instructions well.  I'd appreciate any insight you can give me on the followinga) this specific problemb) resources that might help me start troubleshooting any future problemsI've tried to google around a bit for it, and seen a few fixes for starting the graphical interface, but mine is starting fine, just not letting me login.Any help is appreciated!

Interesting problem getting into graphical mode

There has been a Kernel update. One effect of this has been that many people lost their X-Server. Video drivers e.g. Nvidia or ATI need to be reinstalled again. 3d effects, dependant on Video drivers, e.g. Beryl or Compiz could not find those drivers. People all over the world have had problems - you are not alone.The splash screen where you log in is different from the graphical interface.If you can go to the command line try inputting " sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" (without the ""). This should bring up a text-based wizard to reconfigure X. If there are any questions you cannot answer then go with the suggested default answers. If it does not work at first try again and specify VESA. Hopefully this will restore your graphics and some functionality. If you had a seperate video driver that will need to be reinstalled...

I tried that, but got an odd

I tried that, but got an odd error message.  It told me "conflicting arguments -- configur and -- remove."  My best guess look at dpkg --help is that it's reading -r -configure rather than reconfigure.  Will the configure command work?  I tried that but also got errors, but I think it's because I was trying xserver -xorg rather than xserver-xorg, I wrote the command down on a peice of paper and ran our of room, not realizing it was one line.

Try this

Try to cut and paste the command instead of typing it in. Highlight it. Right click on it. Go to the cursor in the terminal. Right click and choose paste.Alternatively try "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg" (without the "")The error message  you get seems totally inappropriate

I can't login to Ubuntu to

I can't login to Ubuntu to highlight the command, I'm having to boot into Windows to read this. The only thing I can do is login to the command shell.Edit:  I just thought of this, I could try and burn another live CD and boot from there, do the config from there, etc.  I'll give it one more try from the command line by typing and if it doesn't go well I'll try a live cd

Eh crud

Okay, I ran the command again, got no errors this time, but something that looked like a warning saying it appeared to be overwriting a custom setup, and was making a backup before finishing.  I then got the command prompt back.  I exited, then when I was given the login screen I just hit enter to take me back to the password prompt.  I logged in, same as before.  I tried restarting xserver from the login menu, but still the same. I was not taken through any sort of wizard/prmopt session for any settings.

May have found the problem

So as part of a job interview I finally got motivated to try again, and decided to try the recovery mode. Was able to run startx without issue and it worked.

Tried the same from regular kernal, no dice, gave me some error about /usr/local/X11/misc/fonts .... and then something about has conf 2, should be conf 1

So I try and run configure xserver-org, as I could remember what was posted here.

I get an error so I decide to run man on it. It gave me an error about not finding it, so I decided to run man man and got a std out error indicating insufficient disk space to complete the operation.

Blah, so I go back to recovery mode to check, sure enough I've used up almost all of the partition, if not absolutely all. I'm going to try and clear up some space from there and see how that works