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I have recently installed Ubuntu 6.10 on my laptop. I partitioned my hard drive so as to be able to boot either Linux or Windows and now have both OS' running well on my laptop. I am unable, however, to connect to the internet through Ubuntu because I haven't a clue about configuring my modem. This post,, seems to make a bit of sense to me yet is nowhere near being basic and thus I can't understand fully what I am supposed to do. I am yet to find the basic instructions for setting up an internet connection on any of the Linux forums, web sites etc.What is a 'shell'?, for instance.Do the commands mentioned in the above site have to be entered in to the 'terminal'?I have the necessary Sagem 'eagle-usb' download on the Ubuntu desktop yet have no idea about installing that or anything else on Linux. I have tried to install the drivers etc that comprise the eagle-usb download yet am getting absolutely nowhere. Is everything re downloading installing files etc always so difficult? If so, I am extremely disappointed with the 'user friendly' OS.I know my way around Mac OSx and XP yet had no problems getting on the web or installing progs with them. Is there any form of an app loader I can use? Frustration abounds.I thought it was supposed to be 'user friendly'?I have spent hours trying to find a step by step guide to getting on the web and configuring my modem.Can anyone help? I really want to ditch Windows yet am unable to because of the seemingly impossible tasks of getting on line and finding a beginners guide to Linux Ubuntu. I need to find out how to install applications and get on the internet from the first click. I don't know where to enter the commands listed on the web site for which there is a link to above.I reside in the UK. Have a fairly new laptop with 512 ram, 80gb hd, and connect to the net (When using Windows) via  through a Sagem Fast 800 ADSL modem.If anyone can help or point toward a site which doesn't assume that anyone with Linux is able to write code I would be well grateful.Please please pleaseDomDG

The easiest way to connect

The easiest way to connect is with an ethernet modem, not a usb modem.Just plug it in and go.I tried to get the eagle usb drivers going, and it was three weeks of frustration.If you are unable to access the net with ethernet, use DHCP but set the DNS manually.Fredd