Internet Connection

Hi there.

I am a complete newbie to all things Linux, but have decided to dive in and give it a go (fed up with Microsoft!).

After a bit of a look, and getting confused as to what to go for (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Gobuntu or Xubuntu?!?), I finally settled on Ubuntu Desktop, which I now have installed.

Next... I have a five station network at home, of which the Ubuntu Desktop machine is one. The other four machines are all running Windows, all peer-to-peer.
Now... My primary machine in the house has a modem/router connected to it, and serves as the internet server.
I have a cable in Port 2 of this router, which runs outside to the sleepout and terminates in a second router. There are two machines in the sleepout connected to this router, plus a cable connected to Port 3 of this router which runs to my workshop, and terminates in a third router. This router connects to two computers, of which the Ubuntu machine is one.
Confused.... I hope not.
Finally... I have the Ubuntu machine connected to the network, and seems quite happy to talk to the other machines, although I still haven't quite figured out how to the others to talk to it, but that's a separate issue.
Despite several attempts and checking online at various sources, I have NOT been able to get the Ubuntu machine to connect to the internet.
None of the others have a problem.
I'm quite sure that it's just a matter of my own ignorance and inexperience, but I'm kind of hoping someone out there might be able to help with some ideas or suggestions.
To cut a long story short.... HHHHHEEEEELLLLPPPP!!!!! I'm stuck.

Looking forward to a reply,



I guess we need to check a

I guess we need to check a few things out:
First, tell us a little about the Ubuntu machine as far as the internet connection. What is installed in the Ubuntu box. You may have to type sudo lspci from the terminal and look for the Ethernet controller info (If you are hard wired) or look for the network controller if you are trying wireless.

Post the information back and we can start to try some things.

Second, another thing to try is to get the Ubuntu box to connect to the internet before getting it to communicate with the windows boxes. That will come later.

Ubuntu has come a long ways and things are not as difficult as they seem, but it does take a little getting use to. When you get comfortable with it bye bye windows for good.