internet problems

i just installed umbutu on my pc and it all went ok... i have a static ip connection that works on windows.... but in linux... i can't access the internet.... i set up my connection with all the ip's and subnetmasks and all.. the networking tool says that i send and receive packets... but i can't even access google.... any help please?

Have you entered your isp

Have you entered your isp dns? You can try ping in a console window. If answered, problem is dns if you don't recieve answer, could be you have no gateway configured. To do that, enter sudo route add default gw 'gateway ip adress' (in a console window)Regards

still not figured it out

i forgot to tell you that it's my second time i'm in touch with a linux os.... well... can u help a little more by telling me the exact phrase i should type in the console?..... :)

1 you can open a shell

1 you can open a shell window by selecting "Applications->Accessories->(Gnome)Terminal"

2 try to ping

3 If it answers, then it's wrong with your DNS, otherwise, Gateway.

4 You can configure your DNS, by editing the file: /etc/resolv.conf. You can google it, it's a very common question.

Good luck to you!

Dial up on 7.04

Have recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 6400 with Ubuntu 7.04 loaded but am unable to access the internet. I have tried to understand the various suggestions on the websites but as I am a total newbie they either don't make any sense or don't seem to work for me.  Is it possible for someone to list the requirements in totally simple abc, please.

Dial up

It took me a while to figure out how to get my dial up connection to work on Ubuntu, so I hope this eliminates some headaches for others.By default, there was no graphical dialer that I could find.  Fortunately (with Google's help :), I was able to find a fairly easy command line dialer so I could get online to download the graphical dialer program(s).

  1. Click Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal.
  2. Type "sudo pppconfig" <enter>
  3. Type your password <enter>

This will start a "wizard" of sorts that will walk you through setting up your dial up connection.  All of the steps are pretty straight-forward - similar to questions you would have to answer if setting up a Windows dial up. 

  1. Select "Create" a connection <enter>
  2. Type your dial up provider's name (pay close attention to how you type in your provider's name - you will need it later on) <enter>
  3. Most ISP's I've dealt with use "Dynamic DNS" - If your's uses "Static", then they should have provided you with those numbers when you set up your account <enter>
  4. My ISP uses "PAP" - try this setting first, if it doesn't work, then you can start over and try one of the other options <enter>
  5. Type your username <enter>
  6. Type your password <enter>
  7. I left my modem port speed set at the default 115200 <enter>
  8. I think most folks are on "Tone" dialing by now, if not, then choose "Pulse" <enter>
  9. Type in your ISP's phone number <enter>
  10. Hopefully, your modem will be automatically detected.....if not, you may be in for headaches - especially if it's a laptop w/ built in winmodem.  I'm going to defer to someone else if you have modem driver probs - sorry, not my forte :) <enter>

You should now be presented with a summary of the properties for your new dial up connection.  Select "Finished Write Files and Return to Main Menu" <enter>.  You can then quit out of the pppconfig program.Your dial up connection is now set up, but how do you make it connect???The new connection can be controlled with the "pon" and "poff" commands in Terminal.In your Terminal window, Type "sudo pon provider" - (replace the word provider with the name you typed in during the setup above).VOILA!! - Try to pull up your favorite web page.When you're done surfing, you can disconnect using "sudo poff" (I don't think you have to supply the provider name this time - don't remember for sure)If this works, then I would recommend opening up "System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager" and search for either "Gnomeppp" or "Kppp" for a graphical dialer interface.Hope this helps.-gryphon23mi

Running my LAN based ISP's bb client

Hi i have a sify connection and while I have downloaded the sify dialer it is an rpm file....i checked with the forums online n learnt that I needed to install alien on ubuntu to convert rpm to deb files but while i have downloaded alien i havent been able to install it....can someone help on this?thanks