iPod nano support?

I have the new (great!) iPod nano. The iPod and iPod mini are being supported by amaroK, but the nano doesn't seem to be supported yet (because it is brandnew). At least, I don't know how to handle it in amaroK 1.3. Does anyone know how to use the iPod nano with Ubuntu?




If you just plug it in it will mount it and display a nifty little icon on your desktop.

I think you could "use" it that way in every music player if you just add the nano folder to your playlist (i did that with the normal ipod some time ago).

Banshee is another player with support for ipods - but nano support will be first available with the new release or if you get the source from their svn.

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done it successfully

You're right. When I stick it in, there is an icon and I can access all the files of my Apple iPod nano. My intention is to synchronize the nano with new music with my Ubuntu.

In the meantime I have found out how it works. Just take the newest amaroK version and drag'n'drop the files in the iPod field and press synchronize :) Another option is the program GTKpod, which I haven't tested yet.