Is it okay to install ubuntu 8.10 into a NTFS partition?

I have just install Windows Xp into my computer yesterday and have set up all the partitions (3 of them) into NTFS format. The problem is that I once read that Ubuntu is uncapable of editing files that are in NTFS Windows partition. I have one partition with Windows running on it and another one for separate data, leaving one blank partition inwhich I am about to install Ubuntu 8.10 in. So, will Ubuntu work well in the NTFS partition, if not, I can consider of changing it into FAT32. Thanks.

Ubuntu can read/write to ntfs

Ubuntu can read/write to ntfs - with the app ntfs-3.

Ubuntu will NOT install onto an ntfs partition.

You just need to create a space to insert it into and it will do the rest, including formatting.


NTFS and FAT are both no-noes for linux installations ext3 is best for most users unless the partition is small, then use ext2. You will also want a small space (0.5 - 1.5 GB) for swap space. The data partition would best be in FAT32 as NTFS writing is still iffy in linux (although ntfs-3g is coming along nicely, and is, for the most part, stable).

use wubi

yes you can install ubuntu onto an NTFS hard disk if you use wubi:

Yes but wubi installs ubuntu

Yes but wubi installs ubuntu in windows. Just like you would install MSOffice or any other program. It's not a stand alone setup.

Ubuntu & NTFS

Hello -

I can vouch that NTFS read/write is working fine in 8.10. I recently copied my music collection (52.6GB) fr NTFS, to FAT32 (USB HDD) to EXT3 without issue (moved it over to my server, but the server HDD was NTFS pre-Ubuntu).

Unless installing via "Wubi" Ubuntu will format the partition you're installing onto.

If I understand correctly, you have 3 partitions:

  1. NTFS: Windows
  2. NTFS: Data
  3. Soon to be EXT3: Ubuntu

3 will be able to read/write/access 1 & 2, but 1 won't see 3. If you don't want to play with partitions nor use with advanced eye candy like Compiz, check out "Portable Ubuntu"

Note: always backup your data, regardless.