Is Linux Dying?

I'm not looking to start a flame here. I am simply concerned. I was reading this article and I began to wonder about the future of Linux. Con Kolivas has been a fixture in Linux desktop development for a few years now and there are things he talks about that are going on within the community that seriously put it at risk. First, the Linux community relies on its community. Without it, Linux is just some Finnish guys home coding project. The community I know, the local LUGS, are fantastic. Sure there is some ego, but some of these guys have nothing else in their lives. The forums are much better in the last few years. When I first tried Linux (Redhat 5.1) I was really put off by the elitism in the forums. There were guys that were in the forums to answer questions and if you asked too simple a question, you got flamed. Lately it has become better and you only get mildly charred when you ask a stupid question. I want Linux to continue. Correction: I want other operating systems to continue. Any *nix variants, and even (and especially) some new innovations. The interview with Con really made me realize that we have become slaves to the operating system. Hardware only advances as far as the operating system market it has. I am not a total MS basher. I just want to see more choices; better choices. ~Leenix


Linux Lives

What you're seeing as far as the decline of elitism among seasoned linux users is really due to the massive influx of new Linux users.  For instance, I myself use dual boot with Windows like so many others, and I had not been a big Linux user until about a year ago.  But really what's happening is as Linux software progresses, a portion of the volunteer network that makes Linux so wonderful will be assimilated into the business sector for their obvious skills.  This I beleive, is nothing new.  The greats tend to stay, atleast to a reasonable extent.  As far as the spirit of Linux goes, that's the big one.  But I tend to see more people taking interest as they see new versions of Linux with increasingly better usability, which has long been prized by the Windows operating system.  And fortunately yet unfortunately, if Mac and Microsoft continue on their stride to insure their own personal security (i.e. Vista), it really just becomes a big recruiter tool for Linux.Personally I work in computer consulting, and I've seen more new Linux users this year than ever.  Every busted Windows or Mac hard drive I see get's free from me a LiveCD of either Knoppix or Ubuntu (depending on what I have at the time) for them to use while waiting on their warranty to come through.  So far I've personally seen a rise in predominantly Linux users from less than 1%, to about 3% in a matter of a year and a half.  Some people really get into it, and it makes me happy to see people feel that Linux spirit.  So no, to me it's not dying.  Every new distro or variant I hear about still gets me excited.


Where I live, people are moving to Linux in spades.  I switched, my friend switched, I've helped many people online switch, I'm going to start my grandma on Ubuntu soon -- She won't know how lucky she is to have never had to use windows on her own pc.  Pretty soon, another friend of mine's getting a 500 GB hard drive.  After he tries it, I think he'll like it, and probably switch.  Linux keeps getting better and better.  Every day brings me more exciting news.  AMD-ATi opening hardware specs, SCO getting what they had coming, bulletproof X in gutsy...  the list goes on.Linux is certainly not dying.  Linux has just now hit the mainstream.  We've only begun.