Is Ubuntu the right platform??

As far as PC's go... I consider myself quite the PowerUser.  Not much that I cannot fix or manipulate to meet my desires.I currently work for a "department" that supplies all of its employees with a Dell Latitude D600, with WinXP Pro.  Our IT guy has locked out all users from pretty much everything.  Several of my cohorts have asked me how to get on the internet (it is currently locked out of their profiles).    We all have Sprint Mobile Broadband cards but they are all restricted to a secure VPN used for law enforcement personnel only.  My question is this:  Can I burn an Ubuntu Live CD that allows the individual to connect via the Sprint S720 (Merlin) Broadband Card?  It is a PCMCIA card that does not require login:password.  Just a one-time activation that has already been completed for all cards.None of my guys are all that computer savy, so the disc I would need to make would have to all all of the commands to boot, and mount the devices would have to be automated.So in short... Is Ubuntu a good platfor to accomplish this?Thanks and sorry for the long-winded post.Robert