Issues during booting (ndiswrapper?)

Hi! I installed xp(first) and ubuntu 8.04 h.h. to my laptop, and everything was ok till I installed the ndiswrapper tool to install my wlan card properly. After a restart, the progress bar (@ ubuntu) stopped at ~10%, so I shutted down the laptop, and started ubuntu in recovery mode. It stopped at a point, where ubuntu wanted to start the ndiswrapper tool, and it looped this for a long time, till I shutted down it again. Please help me, what should I do?

Issues during booting

Name and model of laptop? Name and model of wireless? Quote from "First let's see if the Wireless card is being detected. Open a terminal and run these commands: sudo ifconfig -a (look for a device like wlan0 or maybe eth1. Normally, the standard ethernet (wired) connection will be eth0) sudo lspci (look for two different network devices--one standard ethernet, the other wireless) sudo dmesg|grep keyword (replace "keyword" with something relevant from the lspci output) If the wireless device (on the computer) is found in lspci, but NOT in ifconfig or dmesg, then it means you need to install a driver."


Thanks for answering so quickly. I couldn't do these steps, because the system didn't boot up (nor in recovery mode). It was a new install, so I reinstalled Ubuntu, and it's going fine. After that, I did these steps, and the device appears everywhere it should, so I think the ndiswrapper stuff did the problem. My latop is a Lenovo 3000 N100 768 BNG, and the wifi is Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection stuff.Thanks again, I did learn some new conoyes