Java and Azureus on AMD64 successfull installed

Hey Guys

I tried very hard to install Java and Azureus on my machine. Then I found a Post on the internet with good packackes for ubuntu
there you can get Java...

then i get azureus 64Bit für Linux from
Uncompress, untar, move to /opt/azureus chmod 777 and starting with ./azureus

and the last thing, i made a link on my startmenu

for azureus...

have fun!!



Hi Guys,

I tried to find Java for ubuntu, I even tried Neonightmare's link but I couldn't find a download-link there. Can someone help me?

if you have a normal 32bit

if you have a normal 32bit system:
open Synaptic (package management software) under the "System" menu, and search for java. Then install the java-common package and after clicking on apply all of its dependencies as well.
Therefore you don't need a classical download link. Synaptic gets Java for you and installs it for you automatically.