Kubuntu 6.06 installer crashes at hardware detection

Hello (k)ubuntuers,I´ve tried to install Kubuntu 6.06 DE (because of LTS) several times but the installer keeps crashing at hardware detection.So I took grub from my old Warty installation and fired the system up!Some steps were not done and I didn´t find an option do restart ubiquity just after the module it tried to probe.Now I have several problems:I have to adjust the console to utf or ISO 8859-15-charset, the timezone and so on.Where do I find this settings and where can I find information about the needed variable strings?The manage groups/users option in KDE is not working because that program/module is missing/etc/shadow is missing. I can´t use kdesu. How can I achieve that passwd also makes a shadow entry? The home directory mount point was created succussfully with uid=1000 but the default user wasn´t created (did it manually).I want to uninstall the nvidia-glx-packages and want to use the nvidia-yyyxx-.sh-files instead.Is there a Xorg config tool like sax2 that I know from old SuSE7.0 days that I can run even without a working X? The nvidia tool is rather simple.Is there anything else left unconfigured/broken because this would be done after the hardware detection?Thanks for your help!

What I've done so

What I've done so far:tzconfig to adjust the time zonedpkg-reconfigure localesdpkg-reconfigure console datapwconv to create /etc/shadowNow I need some help because kdesu accepts "kdesu -u user command" but not "kdesu command". I can't become root. Root password has been created and works. I use sux alternatively now but I always have to start xterm for it.I have to blacklist a lot of modules that I don't need.3D works great with Ankh, foobillard e.g..

Install Crash

Kept crashing during detection untill I added 'noapic' (New AMD64)

Turning off kernel features

Turning off kernel features is pure exageration.The installer didn´t show me/log which modules it tried to probe with the parameters.Many modules aren´t needed and may cause undesired behaviour.So why can´t I start hardware detection manually and skip the failed module.Well, I don´t need ubiquity any more. I just have to blacklist or reload some modules (with parameters) and i have to find out why kdesu works with -u username but not for root without -u.root password is set of course.