kubuntu freezing on startup -due to change in screen resolution HELP!!

Hi! i really need some help. I changed my screen resolution. Then, unrelated, I was pasting something into office/word/what-cha-ma-call-it and the computer froze. So I went to restart it. It gets past everything, lots of stuff gets loaded, all the "o.k" (except for PCMCIA - but i don't think that ever got an "o.k" on startup) seems to be complete, then the screen goes black, cursor in top left corner, then to the blue kubuntu logo with the blue bar underneath but no further action. i tried Alt Ctrl F1 (Alt Ctrl F7 doesn't work): kdesu kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf to change the resolution manually but it says not connected to "X server". I tried "startx" and it jsut gave me a log and confirmed that it won't boot because of the screen resolution thing.  Any suggestions? My essay that's due today is on that computer and I really need to get it so any suggestions are very, very welcome. But, please speak slowly and clearly, my IQ is about 10 with this whole linux stuff. Thanks! michelle

Your computer is not

Your computer is not freezing, if you could see the display you would see that it is working fine. However what is happening is that your resolution has accidentally bee set to a value that cannot be displayed on your monitor.To fix this, reboot the machine, alt f1 into a terminal. Then run xorgcfg, then set the resolution to something like 640 by 480 that your monitor can handle.rebootThen if you like yuou can change the resolution inside ubuntu preferences.