Linux Data Recovery after Installing Fedora Core 5

I use dual booting between Linux and Windows on my system. Few days back, I realized that I need to change my Linux distribution due to some performance problems and hence I opted for Fedora Core 5.   Without feeling the need of knowing the details of safe installation, I proceeded in my own way and this is the one, where I mistook. During the installation, on the page where we have to select the partition and drive, I went for ‘Remove all Partitions on Selected drives and create default layout’ option.   After this I selected the ‘Remove all Linux Partitions on Selected drives and create default layout’ and clicked ‘Next’. Seriously, I didn’t know that this single click will cost me in this manner. I lost all my volumes and hence the contained data. The situation was drastic and I needed an immediate cure of Linux recovery.   I was amazed to think that the installation procedure doesn’t ask for any confirmation before doing any data deleting task. All of my data got wiped in a single moment of time and left me in a completely depression state.   Then someone suggested me to look for the Linux data recovery tool which has the capability to scan the hard drive for the lost volumes and data. Actually the data never gets deleted from the hard drive, until you overwrite it and so help the data recovery Linux software.   I made an ample search for the same and I was not in the condition of taking any risk. In this course, Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery software appears the most trustworthy to me which avails you a variety of quality features for the valuable Linux  data recovery.   This data recovery utility recovered all my volumes and also the lost data. I clicked for the Search Logical Drive option, which showed all my logical volumes and then I went for the Linux data recovery from them with further valuable options.   The software did the tremendous job in recovering the data with its interactive user interface. This is valuable for Linux recovery from Ext2, Ext3 and Reiser FS file systems. This is a Windows-based software and need to be installed there and for Linux recovery, you need to attach the affected hard drive so that the process can be guaranteed. This data recovery Linux utility recognizes each file type and also allows you to add the required ones in the list.