Live CD Errors

Hello.I have had a look around the forums for this issue and they all give me the same solution.  'Bad Download' or 'Bad Burn.  Whats the problem?  It varies from boot to boot.  I am using a live cd of both Kubuntu and Ubuntu Fiesty i386 and am trying to install over Kubuntu Fiesty Amd64.  For  all discs tried, on some boots the CMOS bypasses the DVD drive and goes to the hard drive.  I believe that it sees the disk as a bad disk.  Then sometimes I get to the installation splash screen on (K)Ubuntu and start the system load only to have errors half way through.  Yet other times I get to the Login Splash Screen where I am asked for username and password (both distros) of course I have no username or passward to login with.  Once I even booted right into Kubuntu Live Fiesty i386 and clicked on the install icon.  Almost got it, 75% of the way through the install then error I believe this disc was bad, but at least it got me that far.  I have been trying this install for about a week now.  I am able to load OpenSuse and the 64 bit version of Kubuntu no problem but need the i386 version to work for me.  I have tried 4 burns from 2 different sources on two different computers at various speeds to produce these discs.  One of the discs installed without issue on the computer that I am now typing on.  I also ran a check on three of the discs via the tool in the bootup menu. And I can't find scratches, fingerprints or dust on the discs.Does the Live CD reference the hard drive on bootup to look for previous installs/settings.  I can't seem to understand why I keep getting a login screen every time I get past the bootup.  Does this have anything to do with the Amd64 install already on there?Thanks for any help.  Signed:  Getting Frustrated.