Login as root???

Hi to all, i have installed Ubuntu 6.10. It is my first time with linux. I want to login as root from the login screen that shows in the start. Is this possible? I know the password, but when I insert U/N: root and P/W the one that I inserted, it says tha there is no such user... How can I login from there as root? Thank a lot!

login as root

Try logging in as U/N "oem" and then your chosen p/w.  Once in, you can then change your user name.  Ubuntu does not use a root login per se, rather it uses a superuser login "sudo" that functions as the root administration.  That is as good as this novice Linux user can explain.

Loging in as root is a

Logging in as root is a serious security risk.  That is one of the main problems with windows.  It won't let you do that and well it shouldn't.

multiple commands as root

I agree with the previous posts that logging in as root is dangerous, however there are some times when I need to run multiple commands as root in a row this can be done with the command $ sudo su . The sudo command allows you to get around the password requirement of su (normally you would need the root password).  Please use this sparingly.

it's possible

you can create a password for root, and then log into the GUI with root, i figured it out the other day.Quite easy you just have to jump through a couple of settings' settings once and then it works.Maybe a little more insight from someone more experienced should tell you how.  I'm still a 3 day old linux newb so im really not sure if the way i did it is even such a good idea... lol.  EDIT: ok what i did was go into the login settings, the security tab, then check the box that says "allow local system administrative login"Then i went to a prompt and used "sudo passwd root"to make my own root password.Then i was able to logout and login with UN:root PW:myownpassword

just follow the steps as

just follow the steps as mentioned in the blog<a href="http://nthillaiarasu-linux.blogspot.com/2007/10/how-to-enable-root-login-in-ununtu.html">http://nthillaiarasu-linux.blogspot.com/2007/10/how-to-enable-root-login-in-ununtu.html</a>

login as root -- just follow the steps as

That blog has been removed. So you have another URL to post? Or the update mtab and fstab and sudo will not do it nor allow me to change permissions to my admin ID. Thanks.


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