Love it but cant have it !

Hi . . .

i have an acer Extensa 6001WLMi laptop that would not boot the ubuntu 5.10 DVD . . . it just says unpacking kernal . . . . . . . . . foe ever ??

i have burnt the DVD several times on very slow speeds . . (you know) it still did not work

i have used “Linux vga=771� but the screen turns black for ever

is there other ways
my laptop :
Extensa 6601WLMi
Intel pentium M processor 725
(1.6 Ghz, 400 Mhz FSB, 2 MB L2 cache)
15.4� WXGA CrystalBrite TFT LCD
DVD Dual
512MB DDR2

and my P3 desktop would not see the DVD to boot from it ??

i don't know what to do . . . . . . . should i kill myself ??


problem with ACPI?

Hi there,

killing yourself is surely no solution :) If your P3 desktop doesn't boot from the DVD, please check the BIOS settings. The DVDROM drive must be in the list of bootable devices and it must be in the list before your harddisk! If it boots on your laptop, the DVD itself should be fine.

Concerning your laptop and the problem with "unpacking kernel": this could have to do something with ACPI. Try to deactive it with an additional kernel parameter: kernel vga=771 noapic nolapic. This will deactivate ACPI support and should run in most cases. You can have a look at other hardware related kernel parameters by pressing F5 to F7 in GRUB. If it still doesn't work deactive the probing for USB, PCMCIA and so on.

If you have solved the problem, please write what you did. Thank you :)


i know about the boot thing

i know about the boot thing in my pc it boots from other cd's dvd's but not this one as if it dos not see it ??? it takes a lettel longer to boot into win*** but it still dos it withot going to grub??

i will try to do what u have told me kernel "kernel vga=771 noapic nolapic" and i will post to tell you what went on

i just wana know if i deactive ACPI would it effect later ?

man it worket thanks alot

man it worket thanks alot

i'm replying from my laptop with upuntu 5.10 on it

this is what i used

linux vga=771 noapic nolapic

thanks man it realy works