Mac Mini

I installed breezy but it didn't recognise the modem. I am new to linux. Can anyone help me please?

What modem do you have?

What modem do you have?
Is it a so called softmodem designed only for Windows? is it serial or USB?
what vendor and product name?

Just give us some more information so that we have a chance to give you a proper answer.

LOL..I doubt it was designed

LOL..I doubt it was designed for Windows on a Mac Mini.

The Minis *do* mostly have a softmodem though, and the ones that have "real" modems do not have a Linux PPC driver available AFAIK. So, basically unless you have another computer with a working modem that can share a connection, you're out of luck.

I have the same problem on my G4 iMac and G4 iBook; Airport Extreme doesn't work either so the iBook stays OS X only. But, many apps that are available for Linux are also available for OS X. DebCentral - Online community for Debian and derivative distros