Mepis DVD

On the advice of this edition of linux magazine I trialled Mepis for the first time today. Now let me start out by saying that the computer I tried it out on was always going to struggle. It's a laptop supplied by work, and it hasn't exactly got the spec of the century. It's a celeron 1.5Ghz533Mhz processor with 256Mb RAM. By rights I was daft to even attempt a live CD. But the disk does claim to be a "Desktop on Steroids". Having played with it for a good few hours, nothing convinced me to give this a fully fledged go. I wouldn't even trouble my VMWare with it. For starters it's supposed to be based on a Debian/Ubuntu style core.Except that it clearly wasn't made with as much care because even in comparison with a full Ubuntu liveCD, this lags. The first time I madeit in, the system didn't even make it through the desktop load before freezing on me. I booted the liveCD about eight times all in all, with several crashes as the reason, but also because I just couldn't believe my eyes. Firstly, they chose KDE as their GUI, which is fine for ease of use, but just like always, the distro is rammed with essentially pointless software, just there to rinse you PC that little bit more. When the distro finally made it to the stage where I could do something with it I found that in either of the two logins that come with the DVD version, you can't install anything from the liveCD. THE thing that really attracts me to liveCD's is that I can just keep one in my bag, and then wherever I go I can pop one in and get to work. Two or three minor installations later and I can work wherever I want without permanently altering the computer I'm leaving behind. No such chances here.After this I tried to look at some of the gear that is installed and found that, presumably taking user-friendliness a step further, all the programs appear to be heavyweight. There are no end of graphics programs and office-style programs, when all you need is one. When I tried to use nano as a lightweight text editor, (now writing this in vim)the whole thing broke down and froze again due to putting too much strain on the Konsole. If that is a "user friendly" experience, then I'm going to go and boot up gentoo with minimal tarball size right now, or in reality, just reboot with my handily placed Xubuntu disk. Joe