Migrating from WAMP to LAMP on Ubuntu 7.04

Hello! Perhaps someone out there is kind enough to help me out?  I recently installed the WAMP suite applications on my Windows 2000 computer.  Then, I partitioned and installed Ubuntu 7.04 on the same computer.  My question is the following: how do I migrate the programs installed in my Windows 2000 computer onto Ubuntu?  In other words how do I go from WAMP to LAMP, or would I need to install Apache, MySQL and PHP5 on Ubuntu all over again?  If anyone can provide a step-by-step on how to do this, including Shell/Terminal commands in Ubuntu, I would be most grateful!  Thank you,  .:Rene

Installing PHP, Mysql

sudo aptitude install phpmyadmin mysql-server apache2 php5

That should install everything for sure, though the following will probably also work:

sudo aptitude install phpmyadmin

Everything else is handled by dependancy management.

If you have a GUI, you may want to:

System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager

Search for each of the following:

phpmyadmin, mysql-server, apache2, php5

Install them.

If any dialogs come up saying that it'll install other stuff too, that's good, tell it ok.

Amazing ...

The 'sudo aptitude install phpmyadmin' tip worked perfectly. Many thanks for that! I knew that all of the component pieces were pre-installed with Heron (Apache2, PHP, MySQL) so could not believe that I had to reinstall from scratch. This approach leveraged the existing aptitude utility to handle the details. Nice hack.