"Missing OS"

I just installed Gutsy Gibbon on my Toshiba Satellite 1800 laptop using a burnt cd and everything seemed to work out well. After installation was finished, my computer instructed me to take out the disk and press enter. When I did, it promptly shut off and stayed off. I started the computer up again and it told me that the OS was missing, and would not boot from disk. I told it to boot from the cd, which brought me to the ubuntu boot up menu. I selected install ubuntu and for my first few attempts. it did the normal loading things like checking drivers and what not, then asked me to remove the disk. Then it shut down again.The last time I repeated this process, I was given a lovely blue error screen with crazy dancing sticks. Needless to say I shut the computer down. Now I have tried once more and am successfully running from the live CD, but Still have not accomplished installing Ubuntu so I can load it without the CD.

How much memory do you have?

I had the same message on a friends toshiba laptop that I was working on and it had a pitiful 192mb of memory, xubuntu worked fine though (being somewhat 'lighter' i guess).Memory is well cheap now too - £30 odd for 1gb.


I'm pretty sure it has 128MB as that is the usual for this model. I don't know where to check on my laptop for the actual number.

System Requirements - RAM

Until the last version the minimum system requirements for Ubuntu included 250Mb RAM. In the last version when Compiz is included, the minimum system requirements have increased to 384Mb of RAM. So either increase the amount of Ram you have or use another distro. Xubuntu, which is Xfce not Gnome, will run on 128Mb. Also note that there is a difference between the Alternative Install Disk - which will install on 64Mb of RAM - and the Live CD- which will install on 192 RAM


I'll probably go with Xubuntu instead then, I don't really feel like investing in more memory for such an old laptop. Thanks a bunch and wish me luck!