Monitor Out of range!! How do I do

Hi I’m having trouble running Ubuntu live cd. I got the start up screen were I chose res. and language. and then live cd start’ up. after a while my monitor says “out of range” this happens when live cd is booting up. I've tryed all the resolutions on the startup screen and nothing helped. I don’t know watt to do. I hope that someone out there can help me. and tell me how i can solve this problem. Please.I realy want to Install Ubuntu My hardware Motherboard ESC K7SOM+ and onboard Grafik SIS962I,m from DK and my English is probably not the best.

How old is your monitor and

How old is your monitor and how much RAM do you have?

LOL! He has a realy old monitor

I have a friend wich i run knopix on live cd! Because she can't use computer no os install in it. And it had a realy really old monitor!


I'd suggest trying to get to a command line before booting gnome. Once there edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and add resolutions, refresh rates and colour depths applicable to your monitor. This should be done in line with the methods that are already in the file. Otherwise I think there is a xorg.conf configuration program online somewhere, try googling it. Hope this helps. Joe

Monitor Out of range

When you start your machine you'll get a message like "press esc to enter the menu". Press escape.Next you'll see a menu with the different kernels that you can start.You can change the runlevel i.e. graphical or text login by adding a 3 to the kernel line.More information you can find here: If all things went well. you'll get a login prompt. login as user, next sudo -s to get a root shell next thing you have to do is reconfigure your xorg. You can do that with the next command:dpkg-reconfigure xserver-org (for more info look here: Test it with the command startx. If all is oke reboot and remove the 3.done. Good luck.