MP3 support for amaroK

Unfortunately amaroK doesn't come with MP3 support in Ubuntu. But that's easy to fix.

1. Check, if you have included the Universe sources in /etc/apt/sources.list

2. Type "sudo apt update" in the shell (or use the Update Button in Synaptic)

3. Type "sudo apt install gstreamer0.8-mad" (or select and install it in Synaptic)
This will install the needed libmad0 library as well.

4. Start amaroK and play your MP3 files :)

hmm, i got this installed, but...

hmm, i got this installed, comes up fine.  But when i go to my MP3s that i brought over from my windows partition, it says it doesn't play MP3s =( I dont see any posts here, so i would assume i am doing somthing wrong. Can ya help meh out? :)

WOOOT, TYVM!!! :D gots to

WOOOT, TYVM!!! :D gots to have tunes while i'm tinkering on a computer! :)

not working :(

It didn't work for me, any ideas ?problem solved, sorry :)

Amarok mp3 support

I installed "libxine-extracodec" from synaptic package manager then restarted amarok and got full mp3 support. Hope that helps. b2dnz

I installed

 I installed libxine1-ffmpeg in feity fawn and got it working. You may follow one the following steps(1) Start Amarok(2) It complains about lack of mp3 support(3) Press "Install" button. It prompts for sudo password. Enter it and wait until it finishes installing.(4) Restart Amarok(or)(1) sudo apt-get install libxine1-ffmpeg(2) Restart Amarok


Thanks for sharing!

Easy to add MP3 support to amarok

just go to terminal window with admin access

sudo apt-get install libxine1-ffmpeg

then restart amarok , it will play the mp3 files

i installed

i installed libxine-allplugins and solve the problem on my ubuntu 10.04... i also tried the suggestions above but didn't work... tenks for the help..

GStreamer codecs

For me, Amarok mp3 codec using GStreamer backend with worked flawlessly (also for all wma and flac files).