my pc freezes when i try to use compiz

    I was hoping someone can help me.  i am new to linux and ubuntu and installed compiz.  But when i try to run compiz my pc freezes and nothing responds.  i have an 7300gt nvidia card and 1gb of ram if that helps.  what should i do?  I really want to run compiz as it looks really cool.

beryl/compiz 3d

Try one of the latest live disks for simplymepis or pclinuxos. At the login screen open the settings tab and choose 3d desktop. That will allow you to see if your system supports 3d. I have tried to get 3d on my kubuntu amd64 w/ ati radeon since Dapper came out. Even with the latest feisty release, no go. Simplymepis worked with beryl right away as did pclinuxos. I thought that Ubuntu, with all its resources would have led the pack on this but I was wrong. I followed dozens of tutorials. By the way, you probably just need to get the proprietary nvidia drivers. I think nvidia makes it quite easy for you on their website with instructions for installation. My library computer has edgy with kubuntu and beryl 3d. That was easy to install, as long as you have the x386 distribution and don't have an AMD 64, odds are in your favor.As for ubuntu and my amd64, how hard can it be to build an xorg.conf file maker that detects my hardware and builds a working file? Or for that matter to break the file down into sections and have a gui with help and options to keep replace or delete section by section. For me Ubuntu has been a godsend and in every way that matters to me as a computer user, has been better than XP since the Dapper release.. The latest release, Feisty Fawn, is even better. . Unfortunately, it carries forward a disregard for usability.

Use Beryl

Compiz almost gave me a heart attack until I got it to work... and maintaining it was even of a much more pain.I recommend Beryl. It is much more stable and has its own GUI manager and very easy to use. I have Nvidia 7300GS and I am running it with Nvidia Driver on Ubuntu 6.10. select your linux distro and follow the procedure.