Need a download of Ubuntu 7.10

Hi:I'm a newbie, need some help. Was given a computer loaded with Ubuntu 7.10. I have the Login password & the SQL password but no cd of the operating system.Where would I go to download Gutsy Gibbon 7.10. Am not planning to use this as a server but would like to know the pros & cons of server vs non-server.Thanks,Michael 

Install CD

Google is your friend. Googgled: ubuntu gutsy download. Produced: . Generally the Desktop disk is a LiveCD and takes more RAM to install. The Alternate disk is a straight install and uses less RAM to install. The major difference in the server edition is that it comes with no GUI.

Remember that Ubuntu is free

Remember that Ubuntu is free to download, install, pass around etc.. The most current versions are always available at  If you don't have any critical info on this computer at this time you might consider just reinstalling with the latest version.. There are fairly easy methods of upgrading from your current version to the next, then the next etc. However... sometimes ... the upgrade doesn't go as smoothly as you would think.  For instance, I used the upgrade path from Gutsy 7.10 to Hardy 8.04 and everything went fine with the exception of my sound.  It works but my mic doesn't for some reason... a fresh install on a different partition proved that the newer version would work with my mic.  If you like fresh installs when upgrading, consider doing a fresh install and creating 3 partitions during the process.  One for root (8-12gigs typically .. shown as "/"), one for swap (shown as /swap, 1 gig is typically fine) and home (shown as /home, the remainder of the drive and where all your data lives).  The benefit of this is if you do a fresh install on the next release you don't have to format /home.. Just leave it intact and all your data will remain. (note: Always backup for safety reasons).