Need guidance for setting dial up modem

Helo Ubuntu friends! Ijust spent haf an hour to write and describe my problem and my text just wanished, soooooooooo frustrating. so here I go again Upon installing the Ubuntu I tried to configure the internet connection where I (thought) was doing well. But, in the end when hitting connect I got error: somehow when i tred to edit the text, I could not get out the *More Formating Options* I blame that on my buggy Firefox though. ......... conection refused..........................Was the error I got, Again, the same modem works flawlessly in my soon to be gone Vista !!!!!!! My service provider is: Dial up access number 717-8201 (the area code prefix not used as it is considered local cal) Incomong mail server: Outgoing mail server: (although I never did see fields for thouse in Ubuntu) web site:www.okanagan net Passweord: ******** Username ******* Please people, I am an oldie and a newbie to boot, so I need steps on this. beaverfeather

What modem? Make and Model?

What modem? Make and Model? What App are you using? Because the modem works with Windows is no guarantee that it will work easily with Linux.

Need guidance for setting dial up modem

Should have included that info in the first place.... The modem is BVRP V90/V92 56k my connection to the rest of the world is at the blazin speed of 46k! Oh I sooooooooooo want this thing connected so I can put the Vista junk to the pasture. Please give me the STEPS. And yes I am avare that it might not work with this internal modem. I do have another internal modem (not installed) I could try if push come to showe. It means of course installing it in place of this one, with Vista first again. The specs for the secon modem, still inteh box are: Also a BVPR Data, Fax, Voice, Version 4.60.2 Compatibile with: 90x.ME, 2000XP, Linux --------------------------------------------------------------------- Sure hope I can get the first one to work in Ubuntu, I like this OS allrady, It detected my printer, scanner, cd player woow. beaverfeather

I am not familiar with

I am not familiar with either of these modems. Linux finds many internal modems problematic because they are "winmodems" or software modems  which are specially created for Windows. If you Google " linmodems" you will get a lead ( and . Part of this is to use a little program called the "scanModem tool" to discover what kind of chip the modem has. Then, based on the chip, a driver might be possible. Otherwise Google: ubuntu howto setup dialup modems. This will produce e.g. Linux should work 100% with EXTERNAL serial modems. I have one I don't use lying about. I assume you are in Canada (?) I'm in the UK. If you click on my (blue) name above and click on (blue)"send private message"  with your postal name and address I'll check out the cost of postage...


best thing to do for dialup is to buy yourself an external modem (US Robitics) and linux will detect it, stay away from internal pci modems.

the dialup issues

Thanks!       It does seem to be the only sensibile thig to do, judging by responses I've got so far, Alan's and Yours so far.  Being that all these progrms exist for ubuntu on the net and have to be downloaded in the first place!!!!!!(just a side note here on how crappy Vista is)I have updated the LATEST vista drivers for my inboard sound card and within half an hour the drivers were dissabled again.....Long live free and functional Ubuntu!beaverfeather