Need help getting Screamer Radio working under Wine on Kubuntu

Hi, this is my first post on this forum, and I'm hoping someone can help me. I use Kubuntu (have been for ~2 months, though I still feel like a rank beginner) and find it works very well, but there are some programs that I use under Windows that have no direct (k)ubuntu equivalents. For the most part I have been able to run these under Wine, but every now and again something just doesn't work and I'm not sure exactly why.

The one that is most galling to me is this: There is a program called Screamer Radio that works under Windows. It is a streaming audio player (of which there are many in Linux) but its claim to fame is that it will buffer the last five minutes of the stream you are listening to, and it will allow you to record these streams to disk. So, if you listen to news feeds (as I sometimes do) and are only half listening and realize you just missed something significant, you can click record and it will begin recording from a point five minutes BEFORE you clicked the button. This is great for those "WHAT did he just say?" moments.

If I install Screamer Radio under Wine, it works great in all respects save one - it won't play most streaming media stations (which is a significant problem!). The ones it has problems on are similar to these:



These seem to use a stream designed for Windows Media Player. Under Windows, Screamer plays these with no difficulty at all. Under Wine, it errors out with "Connect Error: Unsupported File Format", which leads me to believe it's not finding a codec it needs, although I could be wrong.

So my question is this:

1) Could some kind person who knows more about Windows and Wine than I do try installing Screamer Radio (download site is and see if you can get the above streams to play, and if so let us know how you did it, or

2) Can anyone recommend a similar program that offers "back in time" recording capability (and preferably also a mute button, like Screamer has, so you can mute the program while recording it if you want to listen to it later) that works under (k)ubuntu?

When replying please bear in mind that I am very new with Kubuntu so please don't make too many assumptions about what I know how to do. Wine in particular is something of a black hole to me (I know it works most of the time, and that's about it).

Capture streaming audio

Looks like you got as far with Wine as anyone else. So I'll go on to your question number 2 and point you to the Grumpy Editor's Guide to audio stream grabbers at