Need help with WPA-PSK

I am a newb to linux and I just installed Ubuntu 6.06 on my Dell Inspiron 5100. Everything works great except for wireless security. I can get the wireless to work if I disable wireless security all together, but that is not how I want to leave my network. I need help getting WPA-PSK to work. In the network -admin tool it does not show an option for WPA-PSK, just WEP.Does anyone have experience setting up WPA-PSK with Ubuntu? Any suggestion on how to get it work would be appreciated.Thanks in advance

Hello,you can  install 

Hello,you can  install  network-manager. it will  check  and connect youre  laptop automaticly  on  the  network (wired, wireless).  I  thought  that  you  can also  setup  WPA-PSK. Regards,balki2005