New and only OS can't get wireless. Help

I'm new to all of this and excuse me if this has been answered before. My hard drived died the other day on my Acer and I went and got a new one. I had NO O.S. so i bootloaded Linux Ubuntu 8.10. When i click wireless network connections, It doesn't find anything. I'm kinda computer savvy, but not with this. So please Help. ASAP.

wifi network adaptor help

temporarily connect your pc to the internet with an ethernet cable.

to try to get your wifi working go to System -> Administration -> Software Sources click on the Updates tab, then check the box for Unsupported updates (intrepid-backports). after you've enabled the backports update your ubuntu software from a terminal with the commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

you may need to reboot. after that go to System->Administration->Hardware Drivers and enable any restricted drivers you have available.

if that doesnt work, Open a Terminal from the menu Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal and type:

lshw -C network

then post back the output here

almost forgot to mention, if your new to ubuntu, go grab this free pdf book:

also need wifi adapter help

OMG! I am a n00bie! I thought I was typing in the terminal window, but I was typing in the gedit text editor. Yup, nothing will happen there!

Anyway, the output is very long and while I have no connectivity, it would be very difficult to move the output to this computer here, so what specifically can I get to you?