New derivatives from Ubuntu original

i'm still alive even if i've not posted here but i'm happy to have read early comments to my first blog entry so I take time now to post some news about my Ubuntu projects.

I've not yet the need for aMule so i've not tried it yet and that's not on my priorities.

I'm still working on modeling an Ubuntu Server fresh install to include groupware support given by the eGroupWare suite and would like to know if anybody know about a Ubuntu Groupware Server derivative from the new Ubuntu Server version because I would like to propose an Install CD which can install only by using the files available on the CD a complete groupware server using Ubuntu for the OS and eGroupware for the groupware suite.
If anybody is already interested by this type of project or have URLs about this type of project, please just comment below to get in touch with me.

Today I've visited an LTSP network install and i've been suprised by the power of this software to make use of very old PCs to recycle them in X terminals plugged onto a single server. It is very usefull for educating people using only old hardware for desktops. So thinking about education, i've looked at EduUbuntu and i've seen it already includes an LTSP system with one server for the better PC and clients for the older ones.
So for the small network i've installed freely in the association center i'm managing IT, i'm considering using EduUbuntu instead of XUbuntu for the old hardware used which doesn't support the complete Gnome Ubuntu.

For my small laptop, i've installed XUbuntu (which is XFCE packaged for Ubuntu instead of Gnome or KDE) on it to see how much memory it uses and compare with the complete Gnome Ubuntu. Install is simple but i've not used the GDM or KDM for session login, instead i've installed WDM which the Desktop Manager for WindowMaker which i've plan also to install for another low memory solution.

That's all for the moment,
See you later on Ubuntux,


Your server project idea

I don't know of anyone doing anything similar. But, I do have some experience modifying D-I (which Ubuntu uses in modified form). Doing what your propose should be relatively straightforward. I would advise to remix with current updates if possible. There are some serious security issues that have just recently been patched and wouldn't be included on the installer iso. DebCentral - Online community for Debian and derivative distros