New Kubuntu User - Partition Error

Hello everyone,

After considering creating a linux partition for years I've finally decided to install Kubuntu and give it a try; the idea of running a non-corporate OS has always appealed, and I'm very eager to learn about something outside my WIN XP OS.

As I use my computer for work, and I've got a very well established WIN XP installation, I definitely want to start my linux experience with a small partition (10GB) until I come to grips with everything and potentially shift entierly.

I'm currently using an HP compaq nx7010 laptop - I've done some reading and other users seem to have no issues running Linux on this machine.

The problem I am currently having is creating a partition on my Hard Drive - an 80GB FUJITSU MHV2080AT which currently has 23.7 GB of free space.

I firstly tried the Kubuntu installer, which resulted in an error resizing my partition. I then tried using Partition Magic in Windows, again to no avail - I was quoted 'error 1529 while executing batch' and 'error 1529 information mismatch in directory entry'. This took place when partition manager tried to create the partition during a reboot.

I did some more reading to see if anyone else has had simmilar problems, and took all the advice I could find: I defragged the drive, performed a registry cleanup, and tried to partition again, this time using Gparted via a live-CD. Again, some problem, an error ocurred in resizing.

If I enter disk management in windows, the drive is healthy, but there seems to be no option of creating a partition from there either.

I'm now at a loss of what to do, and feeling quite disheartened as I really want to get Kubuntu running.

If anyone has any suggestions or help, it would be very appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

Idea for partitition error

¿Did you find a solution to your problem? I have a similar problem in 10.10 making space for it. No errors in disk.

I will now search for path/names that are too long. Windows can create path/names longer that it itself supports making it imposible to work with them. Maybe it could be it...