New to Ubuntu and need help.

So, I just threw ubuntu on an old laptop with no onboard wireless card. I went out and bought a TrendNET USB 2.0 Dongle. I found a driver that says it will work and whatnot but when I try to follow the ReadMe instructions it says I don't have permission to extract files to where I need them to be.Any assistance?

More information please!

1) What is the model number of the TrendNET USB 2.0 Dongle? Or other unique identifier? A Google search throws up all sort of stuff.2) Where are the ReadMe instructions? Do they appear online? Otherwise what do they say?3) Do you understand the Ubuntu use of sudo/gksudo?

permissions > change to allow

One way to make sure you have permission to the folder you're trying to access is to change it's permissions.The quickest way I know is:cd /  (one directory above you need)sudo chmod -R (directory to change) 777   That will change permission to allow all users wrx accessafter you're done make sure and chmod it back to 755This is a good site to learn more about perissions