new user anti virus

 is there an antivirus software for ubuntu and if so what should i use

My thoughts ;)

Hi newuser07! Basically you don't need to worry about virus on a linux environment, as far as I know virus for linux are just theoretical at this moment (please someone correct me if I'm wrong). Now if you're inside a network with machines running windows, and if these machines are unprotected (wich I doubt) you should install an antivirus just to protect the windows machines...but I think that this only make sense if the linux machine is the file/printer/app server. I think that Avant, AVG and F-Prot have antivirus solutions for linux, a google search should guide you with this. Also will be a good place to search. Well, I'm not a linux expert, I'm just sharing what I know! (once again, please someone correct my if I'm wrong) Best regards, MaNRo

I use AVG

Hi, newuser07As a LInux/Kubuntu noob,(3 months) I understand that, from what I've read, that there are virtually no virii for linux, or very few, at this time. The only reason that I use AVG for Linux is so I dont pass any signatures onto my Windows user freinds, via Email. Havent detected any yet, though. :)