NEWBIE: Need help with pci dialup modem!!!!

Hello Out There,  I need help in finding, and installing a pci dialup modem with/into my edgy eft OS. I am using an older model Intel i386 PIII 933mzh (xeon/coppermine) configured by DELL to operate my OS. My modem is a Lucent Tech. MDM-V56P/AT; and, I have tried various supposed 3rd party downloads (burned via my other computer-XP) for this modem with no success. The OS would only allow me to open one of them, but would not allow me to load? The modem is listed in the computer but does not seem to be recognized by it (can't connect with gnomeppp). I did various hardware searches with various installed Linux based software with no success either (modem not available). I have tried various/all dev/modem... selections listed with no success either. Is there someone out there who could help me with this issue (I am currently stuck with aol. dialup in my rurral area; And, I have installed penggy and an aol. software/connector). I am not sure of the driver issues or the exact installation setup for this situation. I am a NEWBIE with Linux/edgy eft (spoiled simple to use XP user); So, please exlain to me in the basic terms if possible. Thanks Steve

NEWBIE: Need help with pci dialup modem!!!!

You should go to and follow the detailed instructions provided there (the information from the scanModem tool is particularly helpful). As you are a newbie (and welcome by the way; I came from XP in November and have no regrets. Ubuntu is great--Dapper especially--Edgy not so much), you'd probably get this resolved quickest by posting your call for help on their e-mail list ( The folks on that list are really helpful--even as much as the folks on luck.      

RE: NEWBIE: Need help with pci dialup modem!!!!

Steve,One more thing. What do you get when you type "lspci -vv" at the command prompt? If you see anything that indicates that you have a Lucent AMR modem, I'm afraid you're out of luck.Again though, check out, especially their user list.Vaughn

NEWBIE: Dialup Assistance

Vaughn,  Hello: Sorry for the delayed responce as I am not an everyday internet person/user. I have tried the various website/forums that you have offered me to no avail. I can't seem to figure out how to load the scanmodem (or any other downloads that I've burned onto cd from my xp system). I've tried to understand the various information pages instructions, but for some reason I can't get them to work? I am not sure what I have or haven't done/setup or installed correctly in order to get the system to recognize the Lucent MDM-V56P/AT ltwinmodem that I am trying to use. The device manager list it as well as anotherUbuntu hrdware tool that I have installer. On eof the tools list it as being in the device path catagory "/sys/devices/pci0"; But. this path is not offered in my selections. I like alot of features of Ubuntu (and I am tired of cotributing to the billionare bill gates/microsoft fund), but it just hasn't been designed as user friendly for the novice computer user ( we get spoiled by the point and click setup/system I guess). I f you might have any other advice please feel free to let me know; And, Thanks for the advice yuo have offered me so far ( as of date you are the only one in this forum to respond, Guess it is a complicated subject to try and resolve?). Thanks Again.  Steve