Newbie question: Why is the installation so slooooow?

Hi everyone,I am new to UBuntu and downloaded the latest (7.04) Desktop ISO image, burned a CD rom and tried to install it on my old Toshiba laptop (about as old as Win XP, ~4-5 years) with 256M of RAM and 7G disk space (the other space occupied with a copy of XP Pro).I booted the machine up on UBuntu CD and it started with a couple of error dialog boxes related to GNome settings and one mentioning OAFIID: GNOME_MixedApplet and I chose the delete button.I opened the "Install" applet as it would allow me to install onto my hard drive. Last time I was at this stage, it took a long time to come up with the first screen containing a list of locale.I am just wondering why it takes so damn long just to get that list. Couldn't it simply read that from the install package. How much time did it really need to read a hundred or so items? I did not time it last time but it took in the order of hours to display that. All along the CD drive was spinning. The mouse was super unresponsive. Reminding me of the Win NT3.1 days.Prior to that I managed to boot up the UBuntu to have a play without installing. It worked OK.It has been spinning around for 1hr and 30 minutes still not seeing that first dialog box for installation. Not exactly impressive for first time to UBuntu. Not trying to cause any flame war but on the same machine if I was installing XP Pro, I would have it up running by now. Last time it hung my machine without displaying that list of locales.Is there some problem? During the boot up process, every drivers appeared to be loading up OK. Incidentally the machine runs XP Pro perfectly well and I just want to see what UBuntu is like. During this installation process, does it write anything onto my hard disk so that I could have a look from XP to determine what was the problem? I niaively think I would have this wrapped up in Could it be the CD image faulty?Any advice or help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Would the 6.06 be any better?Thanks

installation slow!

I have tried installing Ubunto in my pc using the WinXP and Ubuntu. On my Experience when you try to install using the cd, it takes a long time to read or slower process. Try to check your system memory or simply read the system requirements for you to run ubuntu on your pc. In my case i just simply added my system memory capacity and able to run both XP and UbuntuX OS on my computer. It would be better if you have atleast 512MB RAM. If not may be the downloaded image is corupt. try to load another image. Goodluck...