newbie searching for help...

Hey guys, I just started using Linux yesterday and I am kind of noob...
I have been using windows for my whole life so there are a few things i need help with.
Right now i am using "ubuntu 8.10" and i am trying to install "Beryl 0.2.1"

My main question is how do I install it?
Do have to write some stuff in the terminal?
When I extracted the package I found 4 different packages which one do I install and how?

Thanks a lot for helping!

Have you checked synaptic

Have you checked synaptic package manager? If the program is listed there all you need to do is select it and ubuntu will install it an any prerequisits for the program automatically.

Re: Newbie Searching for Help


The previous poster got it. Just locate synaptic in your menu, click to run it, enter your password. When synaptic opens, search for Beryl, then just click on the check box to install it.

It's a lot easier to find software in synaptic than to download and compile it for yourself. Later on you can learn how to use 'checkinstall' to help build packages that may not be found in the repositories.

Good luck!


hello mbr7,

did you know that Ubuntu already comes preinstalled with compiz? that package you linked to is almost two years old. Beryl and Compiz merged about the same time ago. anyways, you dont need it.

although compiz is already installed on your system, the configuration manager is not installed by default. open up a terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

now you can configure it to your hearts content in System->Preferences->CompizConfig Settings Manager. (Including the rotating sphere or cube)