No Network!

Hi from a Linux Newbie!I have taken the plunge and am trying Linux for the first time. Apart from the system running very slowly (1.8G Athlon - I have seen Server 2003 with Exchange booting faster!), I cannot get the network to work at all! I have tried DHCP and static IP's - neither works. The system seems to be recognising the network card as a Realtek chipset based device, but I don't seem to be able to get the system to send or recieve any packets? With a static IP, I can ping itself, but I can't get any response to pinging anything else. I have tried getting rid of IVP6 - no effect. I have used a (Windows - based) network sniffer and it detects the MAC address of the network card, so I know the hardware of the network card is working. Am I overlooking something stupid? Any suggestions gratefully accepted before I throw the machine through the nearest window/reinstall Win XP!

no network

Hi Domquark, I have had the same problem.
It seems that the default gateway does not set properly; ie even though you set it in network settings, it doesn't stay set.
Try this if you are using KDE'
kdesu route add default gw *************

or in Gnome
su route add default gw *************

where ******* represent your gateway address; or modem address.



first you need to find the chipset of your network card. in a terminal window type lspci and look for  network controller. You should see the vendor and chipset. Depending on the chipset you may have to install the windows drivers using ndiswrapper.

Thanks Fredd, alas, it did

Thanks Fredd, alas, it did not work. The system still will not send packets. The annoying thing is that the card works perfectly in Windows and the chipset is recognised in Linux - the damn thing just won't send anything!

Thanks for the suggestion

Thanks for the suggestion Metalijaz, but isn't ndiswrapper only used for wireless cards? My problems are with a wired network (if these are the problems I'm having with a wired network, god only knows what issues I would be having with wireless!). I've tried 3 different cards (all different chipsets) but none of them will send/receive packets. There isn't some default firewall that prevents Tx/Rx of all packets, is there?


Ok. I must have miss understood that you were using a wireless card. If you have tried 3 different cards it sounds like you are in fact using a wireless card. If you are willing to give it a try let me know exactly which card you would like to use and i may be able to offer suggestions. The chipset of the cards is the key to whether you will need to install the windows drivers or not. Also, whether or not you are using WPA or WEP.

Still No Network

Thanks for the reply, but I am NOT using ANY wireless devices! All the cards that I have tried are HARD-WIRED, via a standard RJ45 type connector and Cat 6 cable into a Draytek Router. There is a wireless system present in my house, but the machine with Ubuntu on it does NOT have a wireless card. All three (hard wired) network cards work faultlessly in Windows XP. In Ubuntu, the cards are recognised (chipsets are identified and listed correctly). I can assign a static IP. I do not get any Tx/Rx packets though. I have used a network sniffer, and can see the MAC addresses of the network cards as being active on the network, so I know they are working. At this rate, I'm going to give up!

I have the very same

I have the very same problem... Ubuntu Feisty AMD64 on a Dell 1501... What I found was that while running wireshark in capture mode for the eth0 device, the damn thing works. Not sure as to why, yet, but this at least saved me from sending the computer back in warranty!Hope that helps

"No Network" Issue (partly) solved

Hi, I had exeactly the same symptoms with 8.04  I installed now 8.04.1 ... and it worked fine. I have still no clue what the cause was, but would like to know because i have a second system which I cannot migrate so easily but would like to fix.