Ubuntu Graphics Problem

Hello everyone. I am in desperate need of help, my screen keeps displaying random colours and failing after a several minutes of logging on, but the system does not crash at all. Also, I enjoy computer games very much and when I run games,the graphics in the games starts failing. I think this is to do with the graphics driver that ubuntu has when was installed not being compatable with my graphics card, I couldn't find a graphics driver for my graphics card that works on ubuntu. My computer is a Toshiba Satellite L300D. A lot of people on the internet say that toshiba laptops are not compatable with linux, it might be something to do with that as well. My graphics card is either a ATI Radeon X1250 or a ATI Radeon X1200.


I had the same issue with a ATI card X1300. I just changed the graphic card to a Nvidia 9800gtx but since you have a laptop you might also be having an issue with the 12.04 kernal. Toshiba has some issues with certian issues with Linux OS. I foound that 11.10 or 11.04 work fine with most and I use a Ubuntu type distro (Ultimate Edition). You might even want to try PuppyLinux. Maybe an older version also. Hope this helps.

I just upgraded to ubuntu

I just upgraded to ubuntu 11.10 from 10.10, the graphics crash less often. When it does crash, I found a way to fix it, I put my computer on standby and then switch it back on, and the graphics is ok. But it still crashes and is really annoying