How to get the classic panel and desktop on ubuntu 11.10?

Hello everyone, I have recently upgraded to ubuntu 11.10 which has the new Unity desktop which I hate. So I installed the gnome desktop which was gnome 3 not the classic gnome 2 and it look nothing like gnome 2. I just need the menu bars in gnome desktop 3 to look like gnome 2.

Please can someone HELP ME.

i suggest you to register @

i suggest you to register @, that is not full of spam bots.

i hope it helps a little. oh and yes, learn to use google for problems like that, i use Gnome3 with my 12.04 and my desktop looks exactly the same for years now. don't be _too_ lazy because experience is a necessity even in real life :)

good luck!

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just install gnome-fallback

Gnome 3 Classic alias Gnome 3 session fall back

What you need is the Gnome session fall back. If you can get to the Ubuntu Software centre select all the "add ons" under Gnome 3 desktop (I'm guessing it is just the Gnome 3 session fallback add on, but I have all the add ons selected, so take your pick), otherwise follow what's on this link:
Once you've done that and installed the software you'll need to logout of the session (I'd reboot, but it may not be necessary), then at your login screen, where you selected Gnome 3 in preference to Untiy, there should be an option called "Gnome Classic", that is the one you want. It looks like Gnome 2, although it isn't quite as user friendly. To put icons onto the top bar you need to drag the relevant icon from the Applications drop down menu.
And don't worry about hating Unity, you aren't the only one.

I tried gnome-fallback, It

I tried gnome-fallback, It didn't have a system menu and that was what I needed. I might have found the solution to the problem, I downloaded all the dependencies and everything else about gnome-panel2.30 lucid lynx amd64 from but I haven't installed it yet, I really hope it works because I spent hours finding all the dependencies and downloading them. Wish me luck!!!


Sorry, I should have said select the Gnome Classic option at the login menu.

I installed all the

I installed all the dependencies of gnome-panel 2.30.2 lucid lynx but some how the gnoem classic option was not in the login setting thing, does anyone know why?

Some thoughts.

As a thought, why are you using Ubuntu 11.10? There are tens of thousands of man-hours of improvement that went into 12.04 over 11.10. It is much better to try and keep up with everyone else, especially as your operating system will be wanting to update to the latest version everytime you connect to the internet.
When you say you have "gnome-panel 2.30.2" it makes me think you are trying to install Gnome 2 onto Ubuntu 11.10.
I can't help but think that somehow you've wandered off a well beaten path. One option is to download the latest version of Ubuntu, then go throught the Gnome 3 proceedure above.
Another option is head towards Linux Mint. This used to be the second most popular Linux distribution, Ubuntu being the first. With the advent of Unity the order changed. They have a Gnome 2 lookalike called MATE.