Ubuntu feels like it is falling apart!

Since the introduction of Unity I've had nothing but trouble. Unity is awful but replacing it with Gnome is not easy or a sure bet; apport keeps crashing but only occasionally causes a lockup; GRUB is a mess; Samba doesn't work most of the time. What the heck is going on?

I've been using Ubuntu since ~ V.4.x and have always loved it, but now it doesn't seem to want to live up to its own high standards. Something is very wrong and I'd appreciate it if someone would explain what is going on.

I'm using 12.04 on this laptop but Gnome is a mess. I've switched to LinuxMint for my new desktop because Ubuntu is too unstable. How a derivative distro can be more stable than its parent is a mystery to me, but it is. Of course Mint isn't very good with wireless so I can't switch my laptop.

OK. Enough ranting. Just please tell me what is going on?


choice is yours - congratulations

Change to XFCE. LXDE is fantastic but just few features are missing. XFCE goes as far as old good Gnome 2 and beyond... Tweaked and decustomised gives you comfort and freedom you are missing. All versions of U12.10 have something to offer. I choose XFCE as it is very stable, easy to understand how to tweak system...
I like a lot panel - using 4 of them - visible on the top, vanishing on each side (top- monitoring, left- essential programs and manipulation of the system, right- folders, bottom- programs). Mind you - from panel using directory applet you will be able to open each single document ! ;-) Weather applet - best around. Compositing out of the box. What most important it works with few corrections.
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Ubuntu is trying to evolve not fall apart.

That being said todays market is rapidly changing and Ubuntu is simply trying to stay on top of that with what I believe to be a great change. Merging the desktop to phone and tablet is esential, honestly I think they have made a wise choice as well as a unique change. I can't wait to be able to use my high powered smart phone as a full blown PC. This is by far the coolest thing out there, I truly believe this is the only way they'll survive and thrive is Linux flagship OS!


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Do you have a link? I

Do you have a link?
I recently installed Ubuntu 12.04 on laptop and desktop, now I need to learn to use them.
At present both are dual boot but desktop will become Ubuntu only after April 2014 as I refuse to update to Windows 8

Ubuntu is trying to evolve not fall apart (2)

Evolving is okay, but not the way Canonical is doing it with Ubuntu. The first reaction on Ubuntu forums, after launching 11.04 with the Unity desktop, was that Canonical did not listened to the users. If you want to let your operating evolve, you have to listen to the users of your operating system. Canonical doesn't need to implement everything they want, but Canonical could try to get Ubuntu more the way the users want to see it evolve. That makes a distro stronger. Ubuntu is not falling apart, but Canonical did go berserk and lost their mind...