Setting manually the monitor / TV which is connected to Ubuntu 14.04

I just installed Ubuntu 14.04 on a new system (Intel NUC) which I want to use as a new media player and connected this via HDMI to my Harman Kardon and this connects to my 42 inch Panasonic TH-42PY70.
If I look at the display settings while having the TV on, I see that this is recognized as a 47 Inch Panasonic, but the resolution of 1920 x 1080 is OK.

The problem occurs when I did not use my amplifier / TV for a while and try to connect to this system by TeamViewer.
After first having no clue and being unable to connect to this system remotely I found that the issue is that the display / monitor settings are lost / cannot be found by the TeamViewer process and thus it is not opening a display for me ( it tries to connect, but never gives me a visual x environment).

I would like to have the setting to be hardcoded for my monitor that 1. I have the correct resolution (1920 x 1080) and 2. this resolution is always advertised, even if the monitor / TV is not connected to the system, so that TeamViewer always knows which resolution it should connect with.

I don't know where to adjust these setting and if I would find the config file, I wouldn't know what text to modify or put in.

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