How do you like Ubuntu 6.06LTS? It's...

50% (454 votes)
Very good
33% (304 votes)
13% (123 votes)
1% (11 votes)
Very Bad
0% (3 votes)
2% (20 votes)
Total votes: 915



I have installed 6.06 on clean hdu. It would only load on PATA socket not SATA it locks up on partition/format phase. When loaded freezes after short while , can only be recovered by power reset .It does look and work better in short time I have it on but cannot find reason for lockup.Version 5.1 no lockups My system intel 2.8 socket775 . ATI x600 pro graphic. Acer intel motherboard 80 gig SATA hdu 2x PATA DVD-Rom drives

i love ubuntu....

me jst a new b of linux....... yet i feel free to jst move around in ubuntu.... i like it very much.. and i found no trouble in mounting and partitioning.. i use a 40gb and 20 gb hdd seperately and my system is intel p4 with intel 865gbf motherboard and i hav 512 mb ram... ubuntu runs smooth in my system and i recommend it to release more and more updates.... any queires contact me at

Gets my nod

After far too may years of computing and using just about every OS know to man I have finally found the one that suits me perfectly. UbuntuEasy enough to use when I am just plain lazy and powerful enough when I want to delve into the depths of Linux.Luckily I was able to keep one system 100% Linux so no having to mess around with dual booting.Next is to get my mind around Samba.With a name like Samba I may just try it with some "Samba" music in the background.

Almost as buggy as Windows ME

I installed Dapper Drake about two months ago, and I'm so disappointed that I'm giving up.  I've encountered many glaring bugs that couldn't be missed, so I can't believe I'm the only person sufferiung.  Here are examples of bugs I encountered using Ubuntu straight out of the box: Firefox crashes sporadically (about twice a day with regular use) even with no extensions installed, thunderbird doesn't reliably indicate that new email has arived. the hibernate feature in Ubuntu only works once (trying to hibernate a second time has no effect), when the monitor goes into power saving mode the ssystem occasionally hangs completely and requires a hard reset.  I have also had problems with my wireless network connection, my graphics tablet, and (on one occasion) my dvd drive.  I found solutions to several of these bugs (in most cases there were other people reporting the same bugs), but it's been extremely tedious, and after two months of tweking I'm still very unhappy with Ubuntu.  I hate to say it (becasue I'm a big fan of Free software) but I have found Ubuntu 6.06 significantly less stable and more buggy than Windows XP.

Can't get it to install

I can't get Ubuntu to install from either the DVD or Desktop CD.  It returns a never ending error message "CD-ROM appears to be confused" after the kernel installed OK.  I have an 2 year old DVD/CD burner (NEC 3500) and it appears the drive does not work with Ubuntu.RegardsSteve


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