What should mainly be improved on this site?

better design/layout
5% (5 votes)
more fresh content
34% (33 votes)
more forum postings
18% (17 votes)
more screenshots
9% (9 votes)
other (please comment)
5% (5 votes)
everything's fine
29% (28 votes)
Total votes: 97


As newbie Ubuntu user and new to Forum Need protocol guidance.

It may have been obvious, but I overlooked "an intro to this site" and "protocol guidance" re submission, etc. I boot 12.04LTS as a GUI user and am a little intimidated by all the "terminal" references. I did stumble on your pdf download of the "Linux Command Line" and am in 7th heaven. Looks like its my stepping stone to mingle with you folks, in the not too far future. As an aside, am bewildered how fast the pdf was downloaded to my "no name (Mirus), 2008 Linux desktop,(Celeron Cpu) running 12.04.

I'm going to need help troubleshootin a problem with 12.04lts and require guidance in upgrading, etc., etc.

This brings me to the subject of protocol; am I rambling too much? Should I stay on the sidelines and just view and absorb?

I'm immensely excited about stumbling on your site via Google in preparation for my targeted mission of transfering my WinXP contents to a Win7 PC and a Win8 PC for family members on my LAN. My Dell Dimension 2400 WinXP will be solely devoted to "learning linux".

My apologies, I'm stopping! Hopefully, I'm still welcome after this diatribe.